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A man uses watercolors to paint a nature scene of a field and trees.

About ArtFrog

ArtFrog Art Academy is a 501c3 NonProfit organization dedicated to promoting cultural education through arts and crafts centered programs, events and activities. The Academy is a cost-free learning center that educates children, young and older adults of all abilities in the areas of fine arts and crafts. We serve the rural central Texas from the heart of Burnet County.

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Heike Jost

Executive Director

Heike is a co-founder of ArtFrog Academy and has been serving central Texas for over 10 years as an art educator and community organizer. She holds a master’s degree in Fine Art / Public art from the esteemed Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany.
She has been teaching elementary art teachers, emerging artists and hobbyists for over 20 years. Her ceramic artwork has been acquired by collections in Germany, Japan, Russia and the United States.

Lydia Coffman

Lydia is a retired orthopedic surgeon and army officer who has been an avid crafter all her life. She enjoys creating and teaching the fiber and paper arts.

Barbara King

Barbara brings to ArtFrog Art Academy a love of the world in “bits and pieces”. She has created works in smalti, unglazed ceramic, art glass, found glass, and vitreous and recycled glass. Her works have been shown in many galleries like the Sacred Art Gallery in Austin, TX and the 2010 SAMA convention in Chicago, IL. Her latest work is on permanent display at the Eagle´s Wing Retreat Center Chapel at Burnet, TX.

Ann Tarleton

Trained as a dancer in both classical ballet and the modern idiom, Ann became fascinated with photography and concentrates on five themes: Anywhere Ethnic, Flora and Fauna, Here and There, Mountain Vistas, and Sacred Spaces. Her attention to detail and keen observation skills will make her classes interesting and rewarding.