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Hands shape clay into a small bowl on a pottery wheel.

Current Class Offerings

Prospective and current students will find a list of all of our upcoming and current classes at ArtFrog Art Academy. Please register for any classes that you would like to attend. Registration can be completed by selecting the appropriate class registration button and completing the registration form!


This class introduces pottery as a craft and art. We will cover hand-building and the basics of wheel throwing. In this class the student will learn about hand-building, wheel throwing, trimming, under-glazes, glazes, bisque firing and the basics of how kilns work. Firing is done once a week, so the students will have a chance to see their progress along the way.

Paper Crafting

Let your personality shine through by making your own paper. In this class you will learn how to add personal touch to notes and letters, and more by learning background staining, distressing, embossing, marbleizing, stitching and more. Your teacher Lydia Coffman is an expert with more than 20 years experience with paper arts.

Beginning Design

Design is used everywhere; the web pages you view, the books you read, and the products you use more than likely all went through a professional design process. In this class you will learn about color, font, layout and imagery. We will use popular software to empower you to bring good design into your life as you see fit.


Your teacher Barbara King has deep passion for mosaics and will introduce the world of malti, unglazed ceramic, art glass, found glass, and vitreous and recycled glass to you. We are very lucky to have her, she is very talented and she loves to teach and share her knowledge with her students.

Request A Class

We have many talented teachers and instructors able to offer a wide variety of both custom classes and accommodations for a wide array of creative and visual arts. Please contact us for more information about custom classes or accommodations.