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Adults and children around a planter with small fairy houses of twigs and rocks.

Current Community Projects

ArtFrog Art Academy is a community focused organization. We regularly create and participate in community building projects and events. Below is a list of some of our past community projects and events.

Drawing of Sound of Austin Logo. The logo is a hand drawn microphone with a music note.

Sound of Austin

"Sound Of Austin, TX" is a public art project and 5G/IoT SMART CITIES use case to collect, sort & broadcast daily the MOST UNIQUE Sound of Austin, TX" found in Austin's 250 live music venues and on street corners. Our goal is to amplify Austin's identity as "The Live Music Capital of the World" and UNESCO dedicated "Media Art City", all while enhancing sustainability of the city itself and fostering civic engagement & livability of its inhabitants.

Children painting a mural of flowers on an outdoor garden wall.

Garden Mural Painting

This project was a cooperation among adult painting students, the homeschooler art group and the Marble Falls Master Gardeners. These kids had a very fun time helping beautify a wall with a garden-themed mural at the Mastergardner’s Garden in Marble Falls, TX. circa 2014-15

Woman Painting a Fire Hydrant like a Watermelon

Community Fire Hydrant Painting

This is our oldest painting student finishing her design “Watermelon” on a fire hydrant in Marble Falls, Texas. ArtFrog students of all ages and abilities participted in painting 10 firehydrants in the area. This community art project was a collaboration between the City of Marble Falls and ArtFrog Art Academy.

Adults and children around a planter with small fairy houses of twigs and rocks.

Fairy House Building Event

The Assisted Living Group in Burnet created their own “Fairyville” garden with individual fairy houses made out of twigs, rocks and a little bling. Their vegetable garden now catches everyone’s eyes and gives the residence and visitors an outdoor installation to enjoy.